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Detailed Translations for immerse from English to Dutch


to immerse verb (immerses, immersed, immersing)

  1. to immerse (dip; push under)
    onderdompelen; dompelen; onderduwen
    • onderdompelen verb (dompel onder, dompelt onder, dompelde onder, dompelden onder, ondergedompeld)
    • dompelen verb (dompel, dompelt, dompelde, dompelden, gedompeld)
    • onderduwen verb (duw onder, duwt onder, duwde onder, duwden onder, ondergeduwd)
  2. to immerse (plunge in; dip in)
    onderdompelen; indompelen; dompelen in
    • onderdompelen verb (dompel onder, dompelt onder, dompelde onder, dompelden onder, ondergedompeld)
    • indompelen verb (dompel in, dompelt in, dompelde in, dompelden in, ingedompeld)

Conjugations for immerse:

  1. immerse
  2. immerse
  3. immerses
  4. immerse
  5. immerse
  6. immerse
simple past
  1. immersed
  2. immersed
  3. immersed
  4. immersed
  5. immersed
  6. immersed
present perfect
  1. have immersed
  2. have immersed
  3. has immersed
  4. have immersed
  5. have immersed
  6. have immersed
past continuous
  1. was immersing
  2. were immersing
  3. was immersing
  4. were immersing
  5. were immersing
  6. were immersing
  1. shall immerse
  2. will immerse
  3. will immerse
  4. shall immerse
  5. will immerse
  6. will immerse
continuous present
  1. am immersing
  2. are immersing
  3. is immersing
  4. are immersing
  5. are immersing
  6. are immersing
  1. be immersed
  2. be immersed
  3. be immersed
  4. be immersed
  5. be immersed
  6. be immersed
  1. immerse!
  2. let's immerse!
  3. immersed
  4. immersing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for immerse:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
indompelen dip in
onderdompelen immersion
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
dompelen dip; immerse; push under
dompelen in dip in; immerse; plunge in
indompelen dip in; immerse; plunge in
onderdompelen dip; dip in; immerse; plunge in; push under
onderduwen dip; immerse; push under
- absorb; bury; eat up; engross; engulf; plunge; soak up; steep; swallow; swallow up

Related Words for "immerse":

Synonyms for "immerse":

Related Definitions for "immerse":

  1. devote (oneself) fully to1
    • He immersed himself into his studies1
  2. cause to be immersed1
  3. thrust or throw into1
  4. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing1

Wiktionary Translations for immerse:

  1. to put under the surface of a liquid
  1. onder een vloeistofoppervlak laten zakken

Cross Translation:
immerse onderdompeling immersionaction d’immerger dans l’eau ou dans quelque autre liquide.