Detailed Translations for swallow from English to Dutch


swallow [the ~] noun

  1. the swallow
    de zwaluw
  2. the swallow (barn-swallow)
    de boerenzwaluw

to swallow verb (swallows, swallowed, swallowing)

  1. to swallow (gulp; take in; gulp down)
    slikken; doorslikken
    • slikken verb (slik, slikt, slikte, slikten, geslikt)
    • doorslikken verb (slik door, slikt door, slikte door, slikten door, doorgeslikt)
  2. to swallow
    doorslikken; inslikken
    • doorslikken verb (slik door, slikt door, slikte door, slikten door, doorgeslikt)
    • inslikken verb (slik in, slikt in, slikte in, slikten in, ingeslikt)
  3. to swallow
    • wegslikken verb (slik weg, slikt weg, slikte weg, slikten weg, weggeslikt)
  4. to swallow (take medicine; take; take medication)
    innemen; medicijn innemen
  5. to swallow (to stay calm; withhold; keep back)
    inhouden; rustig blijven; inslikken; beheersen
    • inhouden verb (houd in, houdt in, hield in, hielden in, ingehouden)
    • inslikken verb (slik in, slikt in, slikte in, slikten in, ingeslikt)
    • beheersen verb (beheers, beheerst, beheersde, beheersden, beheerst)
  6. to swallow (fall for; be fooled)
    instinken; inlopen; intuinen
    • instinken verb (stink in, stinkt in, stonk in, stonken in, ingestonken)
    • inlopen verb (loop in, loopt in, liep in, liepen in, ingelopen)
    • intuinen verb
  7. to swallow (stomach; digest)
    verbijten; verkroppen
    • verbijten verb (verbijt, verbeet, verbeten, verbeten)
    • verkroppen verb (verkrop, verkropt, verkropte, verkropten, verkropt)

Conjugations for swallow:

  1. swallow
  2. swallow
  3. swallows
  4. swallow
  5. swallow
  6. swallow
simple past
  1. swallowed
  2. swallowed
  3. swallowed
  4. swallowed
  5. swallowed
  6. swallowed
present perfect
  1. have swallowed
  2. have swallowed
  3. has swallowed
  4. have swallowed
  5. have swallowed
  6. have swallowed
past continuous
  1. was swallowing
  2. were swallowing
  3. was swallowing
  4. were swallowing
  5. were swallowing
  6. were swallowing
  1. shall swallow
  2. will swallow
  3. will swallow
  4. shall swallow
  5. will swallow
  6. will swallow
continuous present
  1. am swallowing
  2. are swallowing
  3. is swallowing
  4. are swallowing
  5. are swallowing
  6. are swallowing
  1. be swallowed
  2. be swallowed
  3. be swallowed
  4. be swallowed
  5. be swallowed
  6. be swallowed
  1. swallow!
  2. let's swallow!
  3. swallowed
  4. swallowing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for swallow:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
boerenzwaluw barn-swallow; swallow
inhouden comprehending; containing; including
inlopen getting heated
zwaluw swallow
- deglutition; drink; sup
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
beheersen keep back; swallow; to stay calm; withhold check; control; curb; dominate; keep back; moderate; predominate; prevail; restrain; subdue
doorslikken gulp; gulp down; swallow; take in
inhouden keep back; swallow; to stay calm; withhold add; coming down; contain; deduct; include; mean; remain standing; restrain; stand still; stay put; stop
inlopen be fooled; fall for; swallow catch up; catch up with; drop by; drop in; gain; run in; visit
innemen swallow; take; take medication; take medicine shorten clothes
inslikken keep back; swallow; to stay calm; withhold
instinken be fooled; fall for; swallow
intuinen be fooled; fall for; swallow
medicijn innemen swallow; take; take medication; take medicine
rustig blijven keep back; swallow; to stay calm; withhold
slikken gulp; gulp down; swallow; take in
verbijten digest; stomach; swallow
verkroppen digest; stomach; swallow
wegslikken swallow
- accept; bury; eat up; get down; immerse; live with; swallow up; take back; unsay; withdraw

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Synonyms for "swallow":

Related Definitions for "swallow":

  1. the act of swallowing1
    • one swallow of the liquid was enough1
  2. small long-winged songbird noted for swift graceful flight and the regularity of its migrations1
  3. a small amount of liquid food1
  4. believe or accept without questioning or challenge1
    • Am I supposed to swallow that story?1
  5. tolerate or accommodate oneself to1
    • I swallowed the insult1
  6. keep from expressing1
    • I swallowed my anger and kept quiet1
  7. take back what one has said1
    • He swallowed his words1
  8. utter indistinctly1
    • She swallowed the last words of her speech1
  9. engulf and destroy1
    • The Nazis swallowed the Baltic countries1
  10. pass through the esophagus as part of eating or drinking1
  11. enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing1
    • The huge waves swallowed the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter1

Wiktionary Translations for swallow:

  1. to cause to pass from the mouth into the stomach
  2. to believe or accept
  1. amount swallowed
  2. bird
  1. de slokdarm in
  2. verdragen
  1. vogels|nld trekvogel uit de familie van de Hirundinidae die van insecten leeft

Cross Translation:
swallow zwaluw Schwalbe — ein fluggewandter Singvogel der Familie Hirundinidae
swallow slikken; inslikken schlucken — durch Zusammenziehen der Muskeln im Hals und Mund in dem Magen gelangen lassen
swallow opslorpen; resorberen; slurpen; opslurpen; absorberen; in beslag nemen absorberfaire pénétrer en soi, s’assimiler.
swallow slikken; inslikken; doorslikken; slokken avaler — Traductions à trier suivant le sens
swallow zwaluw hirondelleoiseau passereau, migrateur, noir et blanc, qui vivre en Europe au cours de l'été.
swallow boerenzwaluw hirondelle rustique — ornithol|nocat Espèce d’oiseau, hirondelle à large distribution géographique, à longue queue fourchue et à gorge couleur rouge brique.

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