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  1. by-law:


Detailed Translations for by-law from English to Spanish


by-law [the ~] noun

  1. the by-law (ordinance; regulation)
    el decreto; el orden; el bando; la ordenanza
  2. the by-law (discipline; ordinance; determination; )
    el orden

Translation Matrix for by-law:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
bando by-law; ordinance; regulation
decreto by-law; ordinance; regulation decision; decree; facility; measure; provision; supply
orden by-law; decision; defining; determination; discipline; fixing; ordinance; regulation; regulations; rules; submission announcement; assignment; building; candor; candour; chain; chicanery; civility; command; construction; courtesy; courtliness; decency; detachment; establishment; etiquette; existing order; faultlessness; file; frankness; fuss; gallantry; good breeding; good manners; hassle; hotchpotch; impeccability; instruction; irreprochability; joint; joy; jumble; light-heartedness; line; manners; medley; merriment; mirth; mishmash; neatness; notification; open-heartedness; order; orderliness; perfection; pleasure; propriety; purity; rank; regularity; regulation; respectability; row; sequence; series; soundness; spotlessness; stainlessness; string; subpoena; succession; summons; tidiness; trouble making
ordenanza by-law; ordinance; regulation aide; attendant; orderly; ordinance
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
orden Z order; order; stack order; z order; z-order

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