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Translation Matrix for rare:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
raro odd fellow; queer; strange person; weirdo
singular singular
AdjectiveRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- rarefied; rarified; uncommon
ModifierRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enrarecido rare; rarefied; teneous close; meager; meagre; muggy; musty; puny; skinny; stale; stifling; stuffy; sultry; sweltering; thin
excepcional exceptional; extraordinary; rare; uncommon excellent; exclusive; exeptional; exquisite; extraordinary; fabulous; fantastic; first-rate; grand; great; incomparable; inimitable; isolated; marvellous; marvelous; not used to; on its own; once in a life time; one and only; phenomenal; prodigious; scarce; separate; smashing; sole; special; splendid; terrific; the one and only; top-notch; tremendous; uncommon; unique; unparalleled; unusual
extraordinariamente exceptional; extraordinary; rare; uncommon bizarre; curious; different; eccentric; exceptional; extremely; freak; greatly; highly; idiosyncratic; noteworthy; odd; particular; peculiar; special; ultra; unusual
extraordinario exceptional; extraordinary; funny; hardly ever; little; odd; phenomenal; prodigious; rare; rarely; seldom; strange; uncommon; unique abominable; amazing; astonishing; astounding; barbaric; bizarre; brutal; cruel; curious; different; eccentric; exceedingly; exceptional; exclusive; exquisite; extra; extraordinarily; extraordinary; extremely; fabled; fabulous; freak; greatly; gruesome; heinous; highly; idiosyncratic; incomparable; inhuman; inhumane; inimitable; isolated; legendary; marvellous; marvelous; miraculous; not used to; noteworthy; odd; on its own; once in a life time; one and only; particular; peculiar; queer; separate; sole; special; specially added; startling; strange; surprising; the one and only; ultra; unique; unparalleled; unusual; very; wonderful; wondrous
peculiar exceptional; extraordinary; rare; uncommon atypical; bizarre; characteristic; crazy; curious; daft; different; distinctive; eccentric; exceptional; exclusive; exquisite; foolish; freak; funny; idiosyncratic; idiotic; incomparable; inimitable; insane; isolated; mad; mixed up; muzzy; noteworthy; odd; on its own; once in a life time; one and only; peculiar; queer; ridiculous; separate; silly; sole; special; strange; stupid; the one and only; typical; unique; unparalleled; unusual; weird
poco denso rare; rarefied; teneous
poco frecuente exceptional; extraordinary; rare; uncommon incidental; incidentally; not used to; now and then; occasionally; off and on; sometimes; sporadic
raro exceptional; extraordinary; funny; hardly ever; little; odd; phenomenal; prodigious; rare; rarely; seldom; strange; uncommon; unique alien; atypical; baroque; bizarre; crazy; curious; daft; different; eccentric; exceptional; exotic; foolish; foreign; freak; funny; idiosyncratic; idiotic; insane; mad; mixed up; muzzy; not used to; noteworthy; odd; outlandish; peculiar; queer; ridiculous; scarce; silly; strange; stupid; uncommon; unusual; weird
singular exceptional; extraordinary; rare; uncommon apart; atypical; bizarre; characteristic; curious; different; distinctive; eccentric; exceptional; freak; free-standing; idiosyncratic; isolated; not used to; noteworthy; odd; on its own; peculiar; queer; separate; singular; solo; strange; typical; unusual

Related Words for "rare":

  • rareness, rarer, rarest, rarely

Synonyms for "rare":

Related Definitions for "rare":

  1. not widely distributed1
    • rare herbs1
    • rare patches of green in the desert1
  2. not widely known; especially valued for its uncommonness1
    • a rare word1
    • rare books1
  3. (of meat) cooked a short time; still red inside1
    • rare roast beef1
  4. recurring only at long intervals1
    • a rare appearance1
    • total eclipses are rare events1
  5. marked by an uncommon quality; especially superlative or extreme of its kind1
    • what is so rare as a day in June1
    • a rare skill1
  6. having low density1
    • rare gasses1

Wiktionary Translations for rare:

  1. cooked very lightly
  2. very uncommon

Cross Translation:
rare raro; escaso rar — nur in geringer Anzahl vorhanden; nur in geringer Häufigkeit vorkommend
rare raro; escaso seltenattributiv, prädikativ: nur in geringen Mengen vorhanden
rare singular; raro singulär — nur vereinzelt vorkommend; nur vereinzelt auftretend; einen Einzelfall oder Sonderfall darstellend
rare raro zeldzaam — naar verhouding gering in aantal
rare raro; rara rare — Qui est en petit nombre, qui se trouve difficilement.

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