Detailed Translations for slap from English to Spanish


to slap verb (slaps, slapped, slapping)

  1. to slap (smack; hammer; hit; bang)

Conjugations for slap:

  1. slap
  2. slap
  3. slaps
  4. slap
  5. slap
  6. slap
simple past
  1. slapped
  2. slapped
  3. slapped
  4. slapped
  5. slapped
  6. slapped
present perfect
  1. have slapped
  2. have slapped
  3. has slapped
  4. have slapped
  5. have slapped
  6. have slapped
past continuous
  1. was slapping
  2. were slapping
  3. was slapping
  4. were slapping
  5. were slapping
  6. were slapping
  1. shall slap
  2. will slap
  3. will slap
  4. shall slap
  5. will slap
  6. will slap
continuous present
  1. am slapping
  2. are slapping
  3. is slapping
  4. are slapping
  5. are slapping
  6. are slapping
  1. be slapped
  2. be slapped
  3. be slapped
  4. be slapped
  5. be slapped
  6. be slapped
  1. slap!
  2. let's slap!
  3. slapped
  4. slapping
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

slap [the ~] noun

  1. the slap (blow; knock; smack)
    la patada; el golpe; la bofetada; la baza; la guantada; la brazada; la batalla
  2. the slap (bang; blow)
    el golpe; la mancha; el toque
  3. the slap (blow; smack)
    la patada; el golpe; la palmada; la baza; el combate
  4. the slap
    el cachete; la bofetada
  5. the slap (wallop; clout; smack; punch)
    – a blow from a flat object (as an open hand) 1
    el sopapo; el tortazo; el aguarrás
  6. the slap (blow; swipe; stroke; lash; smack)
    la palmada

Translation Matrix for slap:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aguarrás clout; punch; slap; smack; wallop turpentine; turps; white spirit
batalla blow; knock; slap; smack battle; doubt; fight; hesitation; indecision; indecisiveness; scuffle; shilly-shallying; single combat; struggle; tussle; vacillation; war; wrestle
baza blow; knock; slap; smack battle; war
bofetada blow; knock; slap; smack blow; box on the ear; clout; jab; nonsense; nudge; punch; punch on the jaw; rubbish; slap in the face; tattle; wallop; whopper
brazada blow; knock; slap; smack swim stroke
cachete slap blow; cheek; clout; jab; nudge; punch; wallop; whopper
combate blow; slap; smack battle; competition; contest; fight; game; match; play; scuffle; set; struggle; tussle; war; wrestle
golpe bang; blow; knock; slap; smack bang; battle; blast; blow; boom; bump; clot; clout; colossus; crack; crash; dab; dollop; hook; jab; kink; lump; monster; nonsense; nudge; punch; rubbish; shake; smack; small slap; strapper; tattle; thud; thump; wallop; war; whopper
golpear knocking on; tapping on
guantada blow; knock; slap; smack
mancha bang; blow; slap blame; blob; blot; clot; dab; dirt-mark; dollop; fault; hamlet; lump; mop; reproach; slush; spatter; speck; splash; spot; stain; swab
palmada blow; lash; slap; smack; stroke; swipe hand's breadth; small slap
patada blow; knock; slap; smack boot; kick; kicking
sopapo clout; punch; slap; smack; wallop blow; clout; jab; nudge; punch; wallop; whopper
toque bang; blow; slap brushstroke; clot; dab; dollop; lump; stroke of the brush; touch
tortazo clout; punch; slap; smack; wallop blow; clout; jab; nudge; punch; wallop; whopper
- smack; smacking
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
abofetear bang; hammer; hit; slap; smack
golpear bang; hammer; hit; slap; smack affect; bang; batter; beat; brush against; bump against; call; clang; clink; concern; drive; drive piles; flutter; hammer; hit; hit someone; jangle; jingle; knock; knock together; move; pound; ram; rattle; rattling; ring; ruckle; smack; smash; strike; strike someone; strike together; tap; tap at; tap in; thump; tinkle; touch
AdverbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- bang; bolt; slapdash; smack
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- spank

Related Words for "slap":

  • slaps

Synonyms for "slap":

Related Definitions for "slap":

  1. directly1
    • ran slap into her1
  2. the act of smacking something; a blow delivered with an open hand1
  3. a blow from a flat object (as an open hand)1
  4. hit with something flat, like a paddle or the open hand1
    • The impatient teacher slapped the student1
    • a gunshot slapped him on the forehead1

Wiktionary Translations for slap:

  1. A blow.
  1. to give a slap

Cross Translation:
slap bofetón; bofetada klap — bestraffing
slap bofetada; torta Backpfeife — ein leichter Schlag auf die Wange, eine Ohrfeige
slap bofetada Ohrfeige — ein Schlag mit der flachen Hand ins Gesicht
slap bofetada Tatschkerlösterreichisch, umgangssprachlich: ein Schlag mit der flachen Hand, ohne wehzutun: ein leichter Schlag (nicht nur ins Gesicht)
slap bofetada Watschesüddeutsch, österreichisch: ein Schlag mit der flachen Hand ins Gesicht
slap aplaudir klatschen — bezeichnet Klangeindrücke, die beim Zusammenschlagen oder Aufprallen entstehen, und bedeutet speziell „mit den Händen klatschen, applaudieren“
slap bofetada gifle — Coup sur la joue

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