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Detailed Translations for cave in from English to Dutch

cave in:

to cave in verb (caves in, caved in, caving in)

  1. to cave in (slump; collapse; crumble down; relapse; subside)
    inzakken; in elkaar zakken; inzinken; invallen
    • inzakken verb (zak in, zakt in, zakte in, zakten in, ingezakt)
    • inzinken verb (zink in, zinkt in, zonk in, zonken in, ingezonken)
    • invallen verb (val in, valt in, viel in, vielen in, ingevallen)
  2. to cave in (sag; subside; prolapse; )
    • verzakken verb (verzak, verzakt, verzakte, verzakten, verzakt)
  3. to cave in (crumble away)
    • afkalven verb (kalf af, kalft af, kalfde af, kalfden af, afgekalfd)
  4. to cave in (subside; sink in; prolapse; sag; bulge out)
    wegzakken; zakken in
  5. to cave in

Conjugations for cave in:

  1. cave in
  2. cave in
  3. caves in
  4. cave in
  5. cave in
  6. cave in
simple past
  1. caved in
  2. caved in
  3. caved in
  4. caved in
  5. caved in
  6. caved in
present perfect
  1. have caved in
  2. have caved in
  3. has caved in
  4. have caved in
  5. have caved in
  6. have caved in
past continuous
  1. was caving in
  2. were caving in
  3. was caving in
  4. were caving in
  5. were caving in
  6. were caving in
  1. shall cave in
  2. will cave in
  3. will cave in
  4. shall cave in
  5. will cave in
  6. will cave in
continuous present
  1. am caving in
  2. are caving in
  3. is caving in
  4. are caving in
  5. are caving in
  6. are caving in
  1. be caved in
  2. be caved in
  3. be caved in
  4. be caved in
  5. be caved in
  6. be caved in
  1. cave in!
  2. let's cave in!
  3. caved in
  4. caving in
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for cave in:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
invallen invading
inzakken collapsing; going down; plummeting; sliding; slumping
inzinken going under; hollow; prolapse; sinking; sinking in; subsidence
wegzakken going down; sinking; subsiding
- subsidence
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
afkalven cave in; crumble away
in elkaar zakken cave in; collapse; crumble down; relapse; slump; subside
inkalven cave in
invallen cave in; collapse; crumble down; relapse; slump; subside break into; come in; deputise; deputize; enter; enter by force; fall in; force one's way in; invade; penetrate; substitute
inzakken cave in; collapse; crumble down; relapse; slump; subside collapse; prolapse; sag; slump
inzinken cave in; collapse; crumble down; relapse; slump; subside be going down hill; go under; prolapse; sag; sink; subside
verzakken cave in; collapse; give way; prolapse; sag; sink; subside
wegzakken bulge out; cave in; prolapse; sag; sink in; subside doze off; drop off; drowse off
zakken in bulge out; cave in; prolapse; sag; sink in; subside
- break; collapse; fall in; founder; give; give way

Synonyms for "cave in":

Related Definitions for "cave in":

  1. the sudden collapse of something into a hollow beneath it1
  2. break down, literally or metaphorically1

Wiktionary Translations for cave in:

cave in
  1. to collapse inward or downward

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