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  1. ease off:


Detailed Translations for ease off from English to Dutch

ease off:

to ease off verb (eases off, eased off, easing off)

  1. to ease off (throttle down; take things easy; throttle back)
    gas terugnemen
    • gas terugnemen verb (neem gas terug, neemt gas terug, nam gas terug, namen gas terug, gas teruggenomen)

Conjugations for ease off:

  1. ease off
  2. ease off
  3. eases off
  4. ease off
  5. ease off
  6. ease off
simple past
  1. eased off
  2. eased off
  3. eased off
  4. eased off
  5. eased off
  6. eased off
present perfect
  1. have eased off
  2. have eased off
  3. has eased off
  4. have eased off
  5. have eased off
  6. have eased off
past continuous
  1. was easing off
  2. were easing off
  3. was easing off
  4. were easing off
  5. were easing off
  6. were easing off
  1. shall ease off
  2. will ease off
  3. will ease off
  4. shall ease off
  5. will ease off
  6. will ease off
continuous present
  1. am easing off
  2. are easing off
  3. is easing off
  4. are easing off
  5. are easing off
  6. are easing off
  1. be eased off
  2. be eased off
  3. be eased off
  4. be eased off
  5. be eased off
  6. be eased off
  1. ease off!
  2. let's ease off!
  3. eased off
  4. easing off
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for ease off:

VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
gas terugnemen ease off; take things easy; throttle back; throttle down
- ease up; flag; let up; slacken off

Synonyms for "ease off":

Related Definitions for "ease off":

  1. reduce pressure or intensity1
  2. become less intense1

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