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Detailed Translations for funnel from English to Dutch


funnel [the ~] noun

  1. the funnel (chute; hopper)
    de trechter

Translation Matrix for funnel:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
trechter chute; funnel; hopper
- funnel shape

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Related Definitions for "funnel":

  1. (nautical) smokestack consisting of a shaft for ventilation or the passage of smoke (especially the smokestack of a ship)1
  2. a conically shaped utensil having a narrow tube at the small end; used to channel the flow of substances into a container with a small mouth1
  3. a conical shape with a wider and a narrower opening at the two ends1
  4. move or pour through a funnel1
    • funnel the liquid into the small bottle1

Wiktionary Translations for funnel:

  1. To proceed through a narrow gap or passageway akin to a funnel
  2. To direct (money or resources).
  3. To use a funnel
  1. utensil used to guide poured liquids
  1. taps toelopende buis, gebruikt voor het vullen van vaten

Cross Translation:
funnel trechter Trichter — kegelförmiges, oben weites und unten enges Rohr zum Einfüllen
funnel trechter entonnoirinstrument formé d'un cône renversé, dont la pointe est prolongée par un tube à l'aide duquel on verser un liquide dans un récipient.

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