Detailed Translations for subtract from English to Dutch


to subtract verb (subtracts, subtracted, subtracting)

  1. to subtract
    aftrekken; getallen van elkaar aftrekken

Conjugations for subtract:

  1. subtract
  2. subtract
  3. subtracts
  4. subtract
  5. subtract
  6. subtract
simple past
  1. subtracted
  2. subtracted
  3. subtracted
  4. subtracted
  5. subtracted
  6. subtracted
present perfect
  1. have subtracted
  2. have subtracted
  3. has subtracted
  4. have subtracted
  5. have subtracted
  6. have subtracted
past continuous
  1. was subtracting
  2. were subtracting
  3. was subtracting
  4. were subtracting
  5. were subtracting
  6. were subtracting
  1. shall subtract
  2. will subtract
  3. will subtract
  4. shall subtract
  5. will subtract
  6. will subtract
continuous present
  1. am subtracting
  2. are subtracting
  3. is subtracting
  4. are subtracting
  5. are subtracting
  6. are subtracting
  1. be subtracted
  2. be subtracted
  3. be subtracted
  4. be subtracted
  5. be subtracted
  6. be subtracted
  1. subtract!
  2. let's subtract!
  3. subtracted
  4. subtracting
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

Translation Matrix for subtract:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aftrekken distillation
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
aftrekken subtract deduct; masturbate; pull; take of the body
getallen van elkaar aftrekken subtract
- deduct; take off

Related Words for "subtract":

  • subtracting, subtractive

Synonyms for "subtract":

Antonyms for "subtract":

Related Definitions for "subtract":

  1. take off or away1
    • this prefix was subtracted when the word was borrowed from French1
  2. make a subtraction1
    • subtract this amount from my paycheck1
  3. To combine two or more shapes or paths to result in a single path that represents the only portion of the last-selected object that was not overlapped by another object.2

Wiktionary Translations for subtract:

  1. to remove or reduce
  1. rekenkundige bewerking waarbij een getal met een getal verminderd wordt

Cross Translation:
subtract afhalen; rissen; ritsen; wegnemen préleverlever préalablement une certaine portion sur le total.
subtract aftrekken; afnemen; afpakken; weghalen; wegnemen; afsnijden; afsteken; afhalen; rissen; ritsen; aftellen; inhouden; korten retrancher — Traductions à vérifier et à trier
subtract aftrekken soustraireretirer, dérober.