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Detailed Translations for wail from English to Dutch


to wail verb (wails, wailed, wailing)

  1. to wail (weep; cry; sob; blubber; whimper)
    huilen; wenen; janken
    • huilen verb (huil, huilt, huilde, huilden, gehuild)
    • wenen verb (ween, weent, weende, weenden, geweend)
    • janken verb (jank, jankt, jankte, jankten, gejankt)
  2. to wail (lament; complain; make complaints)
    jammeren; jeremiëren; weeklagen
    • jammeren verb (jammer, jammert, jammerde, jammerden, gejammerd)
    • jeremiëren verb (jeremiëer, jeremiëert, jeremiëerde, jeremiëerden, gejeremiëerd)
    • weeklagen verb (weeklaag, weeklaagt, weeklaagde, weeklaagden, geweeklaagd)
  3. to wail (complain; yammer; whinge)

Conjugations for wail:

  1. wail
  2. wail
  3. wails
  4. wail
  5. wail
  6. wail
simple past
  1. wailed
  2. wailed
  3. wailed
  4. wailed
  5. wailed
  6. wailed
present perfect
  1. have wailed
  2. have wailed
  3. has wailed
  4. have wailed
  5. have wailed
  6. have wailed
past continuous
  1. was wailing
  2. were wailing
  3. was wailing
  4. were wailing
  5. were wailing
  6. were wailing
  1. shall wail
  2. will wail
  3. will wail
  4. shall wail
  5. will wail
  6. will wail
continuous present
  1. am wailing
  2. are wailing
  3. is wailing
  4. are wailing
  5. are wailing
  6. are wailing
  1. be wailed
  2. be wailed
  3. be wailed
  4. be wailed
  5. be wailed
  6. be wailed
  1. wail!
  2. let's wail!
  3. wailed
  4. wailing
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

wail [the ~] noun

  1. the wail (lament)
  2. the wail (wailing tone; whimper; tone of lamentation)
    de jammertoon

Translation Matrix for wail:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
jammertoon tone of lamentation; wail; wailing tone; whimper
lijkklacht lament; wail
- lament; lamentation; plaint
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
huilen blubber; cry; sob; wail; weep; whimper blubber; cry; groan; let on; moan; shout; shriek; sniff; sniffle; snivel; squeal; tear; tell tales; water; weep; whimper; whine
jammeren complain; lament; make complaints; wail
janken blubber; cry; sob; wail; weep; whimper blubber; cry; gasp; howl; let on; shout; shriek; sniff; sniffle; snivel; sob; squeal; tell tales; whimper; whine; yell
jeremiëren complain; lament; make complaints; wail
weeklagen complain; lament; make complaints; wail
wenen blubber; cry; sob; wail; weep; whimper
zich beklagen complain; wail; whinge; yammer
- howl; mewl; pule; roar; ululate; whimper; yaup; yawl
OtherRelated TranslationsOther Translations
- whimper; whine

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Related Definitions for "wail":

  1. a cry of sorrow and grief1
  2. cry weakly or softly1
    • she wailed with pain1
  3. emit long loud cries1
    • wail in self-pity1

Wiktionary Translations for wail:

  1. -

Cross Translation:
wail huilen; blèren heulen — ein bestimmtes Geräusch (ein Heulen) erzeugen
wail huilen; blèren plärrenumgangssprachlich: weinen