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    • optimisation


Detailed Translations for optimalisatie from Dutch to English


optimalisatie [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de optimalisatie
    the optimum
  2. de optimalisatie
    the optimization
    – In programming, the process of producing more efficient (smaller or faster) programs through selection and design of data structures, algorithms, and instruction sequences. 1
  3. de optimalisatie
    the tune-up
    – An adjustment made to improve working order or efficiency. 1
  4. de optimalisatie
    the enlightenment
    – An enhancement made to the operating system to help reduce the cost of certain operating system functions like memory management. 1

Translation Matrix for optimalisatie:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
enlightenment optimalisatie informatie; inlichting; opheldering; toelichting; uiteenzetting; uitleg; verduidelijking; verheldering; verklaring
optimization optimalisatie
optimum optimalisatie
tune-up optimalisatie

Related Words for "optimalisatie":

  • optimalisaties

Wiktionary Translations for optimalisatie:

Cross Translation:
optimalisatie optimisation; optimization OptimierungVerbesserung, das optimieren