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Detailed Translations for project from Dutch to English


project [het ~] noun

  1. het project (plan)
    the project; the plan
  2. het project
    the project
    – A set of source files and related metadata, such as component references and build instructions, that helps you organize and perform common tasks on the items that you are developing. Projects are contained within a solution. 1
  3. het project
    the project
    – A temporary endeavor undertaken to meet or exceed stakeholder expectations. 1

Translation Matrix for project:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
plan plan; project grondplan; opzet; plan; planning; plattegrond; situatieschets; situatietekening; stadskaart
project plan; project verhandeling; werkstuk
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
plan bedenken; beramen; inplannen; plan beramen; plannen; van plan zijn; verzinnen; zinnen
project projecteren; visualiseren

Related Words for "project":

  • projecten

Wiktionary Translations for project:

  1. een zaak die men denkt uit te voeren of te onderzoeken
  1. planned endeavor

Cross Translation:
project project Projekt — neuartiger, temporärer Prozess zur Erreichung eines vorgegebenen Endzustandes Ein Prozessmodell
project plan; project; scheme; design; diagram; plane; ground plan projetdessein, idée de ce qu’on penser réaliser, conception des moyens qu’on croire utiles pour exécuter ce qu’on médite.

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