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Detailed Translations for samenwerking from Dutch to English


samenwerking [de ~ (v)] noun

  1. de samenwerking (samenwerkingsverband)
    the cooperation; the collaboration; the teamwork
  2. de samenwerking
    the collaboration
    – A collection of modeling elements that interact within a given context to perform an operation or a use case. The objects in a collaboration are roles describing types of objects rather than representations of the objects themselves. 1

Translation Matrix for samenwerking:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
collaboration samenwerking; samenwerkingsverband coöperatie; samenwerkingsverband
cooperation samenwerking; samenwerkingsverband bedrijf; coöperatie; firma; handelsbedrijf; handelshuis; maatschap; maatschappij; onderneming; samenwerkingsverband; vennootschap
teamwork samenwerking; samenwerkingsverband samenspel

Related Words for "samenwerking":

  • samenwerkingen

Related Definitions for "samenwerking":

  1. de manier waarop er met elkaar gewerkt wordt2
    • de samenwerking op deze afdeling is erg goed2

Wiktionary Translations for samenwerking:

  1. association for mutual benefit
  2. act of cooperating or being cooperative
  3. act of collaborating

Cross Translation:
samenwerking collaboration; partnership; cooperation; involvement collaboration — Travail commun
samenwerking cooperation coopérationaction de coopérer.