Detailed Translations for staining from English to Spanish


staining [the ~] noun

  1. the staining (painting)
    el pintar
  2. the staining (daubing)
    el borrador; el desorden; la porquería; el mogollón; el chapuzas; la chapucería; el chanchullos; el chapuz; el embadurnamiento; el embrollos; el garrapatos; la chapucerías; el pintarrajo; el chapuceo; el trabajo en borrador

Translation Matrix for staining:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
borrador daubing; staining blackboard eraser; concept; draft; drawing; eraser; mess up; preliminary design; rough book; rough draft; rough work; rough-copy book; scribbling-pad; sketch; windshield wiper
chanchullos daubing; staining articles; botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; goods; items; mess up; messing; muddling; shoddy work; stuff; things
chapuceo daubing; staining
chapucería daubing; staining bungling; fiddling; makeshift solution; mess; mess up; messing; messing about; muddling; rummaging; stopgap solution; tinkering; trouble
chapucerías daubing; staining botching; bungling; dredging; fiddling; fooling around; hassle; messing; messing about; messing around; muddling; tampering; tinkering
chapuz daubing; staining mess up
chapuzas daubing; staining bungler; bungling; dredging; fiddling; fight; fooling around; game of rough-and-tumble; hassle; mess up; messing; messing about; messing around; muddler; muddling; romp; romping; tampering; thunder; thunder strokes
desorden daubing; staining absence of order; bungle; bungling; caboodle; chaos; confused heap; confusion; crisscross; debris; disarray; disorder; disorderliness; disturbance; hash; heap; hotchpotch; interference; jumble; labyrinth; lumber; mayhem; maze; medley; mess; mishmash; mix-up; muddle; neglected mess; omnium gatherum; rubbish; tangle; trash; trouble; welter
embadurnamiento daubing; staining botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; shoddy work
embrollos daubing; staining mess up
garrapatos daubing; staining mess up; scrawls; scribbles
mogollón daubing; staining a whole lot; lots; quite a lot; tons
pintar painting; staining painting; portraying
pintarrajo daubing; staining note; scrawl; scribble; scribbling
porquería daubing; staining baloney; botch job; bungle; bungling; bungling work; caboodle; carelessness; chaos; debris; dinginess; dirt; dirtiness; dirty; dirtyness; filth; filthy; filthyness; griminess; grubbiness; hash; humbug; inaccuracy; mayhem; mess; muck; muddle; neglected mess; obscenity; shoddy work; sloppiness; slovenliness; smut; trumpery
trabajo en borrador daubing; staining
- maculation; spotting
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
pintar advise; depict; describe; draw; dye; impersonate; interpret; paint; personify; picture; portray; represent; sketch; suggest
Not SpecifiedRelated TranslationsOther Translations
borrador draft

Related Words for "staining":

Synonyms for "staining":

  • dyeing
  • spotting; maculation; soiling; soilure; dirtying

Related Definitions for "staining":

  1. (histology) the use of a dye to color specimens for microscopic study1
  2. the act of spotting or staining something1

Wiktionary Translations for staining:

Cross Translation:
staining decoloración; pérdida del color; descoloramiento; tinte VerfärbungVerlust der ursprünglichen Farbe, Farbwechsel

staining form of stain:

to stain verb (stains, stained, staining)

  1. to stain
  2. to stain (blemish)
  3. to stain (besmear; soil)
  4. to stain (soil)

Conjugations for stain:

  1. stain
  2. stain
  3. stains
  4. stain
  5. stain
  6. stain
simple past
  1. stained
  2. stained
  3. stained
  4. stained
  5. stained
  6. stained
present perfect
  1. have stained
  2. have stained
  3. has stained
  4. have stained
  5. have stained
  6. have stained
past continuous
  1. was staining
  2. were staining
  3. was staining
  4. were staining
  5. were staining
  6. were staining
  1. shall stain
  2. will stain
  3. will stain
  4. shall stain
  5. will stain
  6. will stain
continuous present
  1. am staining
  2. are staining
  3. is staining
  4. are staining
  5. are staining
  6. are staining
  1. be stained
  2. be stained
  3. be stained
  4. be stained
  5. be stained
  6. be stained
  1. stain!
  2. let's stain!
  3. stained
  4. staining
1. I, 2. you, 3. he/she/it, 4. we, 5. you, 6. they

stain [the ~] noun

  1. the stain
    la nogalina
  2. the stain (spot)
    la tacha; la mancha; la marca
  3. the stain (spatter; spot; blot; speck; dirt-mark)
    la mancha; la salpicadura
  4. the stain (dirty spot)
    la tacha
  5. the stain (mark of infamy; stigma)
    el deshonra; el oprobio; la oveja negra

Translation Matrix for stain:

NounRelated TranslationsOther Translations
deshonra mark of infamy; stain; stigma blame; cut; degradation; disgrace; disgracement; dishonering; fault; ignominy; infamy; reproach; salary cut; scandal; shame
mancha blot; dirt-mark; spatter; speck; spot; stain bang; blame; blob; blow; clot; dab; dollop; fault; hamlet; lump; mop; reproach; slap; slush; splash; swab
manchar stains
marca spot; stain badge; brand; brand name; control stamp; decoration; distinctive mark; distinguishing mark; finish; finishing line; finishing point; flag; hallmark; identification mark; identifying mark; insignia; logo; mark; name; quality mark; receipt; record; stigma; trademark
nogalina stain
oprobio mark of infamy; stain; stigma disgrace; ignominy; infamy; scandal; shame
oveja negra mark of infamy; stain; stigma black sheep
salpicadura blot; dirt-mark; spatter; speck; spot; stain sloshing; splash; splashing
tacha dirty spot; spot; stain hamlet; minor flaw
- blot; brand; dirt; discoloration; discolouration; filth; grease; grime; grunge; mark; smear; smirch; soil; spot; stigma
VerbRelated TranslationsOther Translations
ensuciar besmear; soil; stain blemish; blot; blur; daub; dim; dirty; foul; fuzzy; make blots; make dirty; mess; plaster; pollute; slop; slur; smear; soil; spill
manchar blemish; soil; stain blemish; blot; blur; daub; dim; dirty; drip; foul; fuzzy; make blots; make dirty; mess; plaster; pollute; slur; smear; soil
nogalinar stain
- defile; maculate; sully; tarnish

Related Words for "stain":

Synonyms for "stain":

Related Definitions for "stain":

  1. an act that brings discredit to the person who does it1
  2. a soiled or discolored appearance1
    • the wine left a dark stain1
  3. a symbol of disgrace or infamy1
  4. the state of being covered with unclean things1
  5. (microscopy) a dye or other coloring material that is used in microscopy to make structures visible1
  6. color for microscopic study1
  7. color with a liquid dye or tint1
    • people knew how to stain glass a beautiful blue in the middle ages1
  8. produce or leave stains1
    • Red wine stains the table cloth1
  9. make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air; also used metaphorically1

Wiktionary Translations for stain:

  1. discoloured spot or area

Cross Translation:
stain mancha Fleck — Stelle, die verschmutzt (und schlecht[1]) ist
stain decoloración; pérdida del color; descoloramiento; tinte VerfärbungVerlust der ursprünglichen Farbe, Farbwechsel
stain deshonrar bezoedelen — te schande maken
stain teñir teindre — Faire prendre à une étoffe ou à autre chose une couleur différente de celle qu’elle avait, en la plongeant dans un liquide spécial.